Adult Speech Therapy

Our Speech Pathologists work with adults to enhance their communicative abilities through speech, language and voice intervention and conduct therapy to ensure safe and comfortable swallowing.

Our Speech Pathologists are university qualified and treat communication, speech, voice, social skills, reading, writing, word finding and swallowing difficulties. We use evidence-based techniques to assist clients who have difficulty in these areas. Our Speech Pathologists take a client-centred approach, working with individuals and their families to ensure for the best outcomes. We can also conduct therapy with those living in assisted living facilities.

We help people who have difficulties resulting from developmental delays, acquired disorders and other related conditions that can affect communication and swallowing. These include Parkinson’s disease, stroke, brain injury, neurological conditions (e.g., Multiple Sclerosis and Huntington’s Disease), intellectual disability, Dementia and Functional Neurological Disorders (FND).

Our programs can be tailored to promote independence, social engagement, employability and other areas including end of life care.

How We Can Help

Communication (Speech, Language, Social Skills, Voice)

Sessions are tailored to clients’ specific needs including speech, language, cognitive communication and voice to develop or regain skills and promote confident and effective spoken and written communication. You can benefit from a variety of strategies or direct therapy that will address the barriers that you have with communication.

Swallowing Difficulties

You will receive a thorough assessment of your swallowing difficulties. From there, we will tailor a customised treatment plan that aims to elevate your quality of life and physical health. Therapy can include strategies that aim to improve your swallowing abilities and/or diet prescription to promote safe eating and drinking.